Happy Healing Home formerly Christ Life Ministries 

We are anointed with the Holy Ghost and Power, we go about doing good and healing all who are oppressed of the devil, because God is in us.


Still in the process of relocating.  Don't forget to join us for the events this week around the Charlotte, NC area.


We've looked at I don't know how many places but I know that the one God has for us it out there.  I am firmly believing that we will have a contract on it and close on this property before this time next month.

The house in Fort Mill, is under contract again, Praise the Lord.  

We are so looking forward to ministering to people at the New Happy Healing Home location.

If you need healing or deliverance and want to be able to stay in one of the cabins, please contact us.  Cabins will be available for use soon.

Cabins are meant for people who are coming for deliverance, for training or a combination of the two.  


Another awesome day.  Got to take a neighbor (Thomas) to the grocery store.  And Praise the Lord bought Susie a coat.  Plan to take it by there today and leave it at her door.  Do a knock and run thing.  She doesn't need to know who it came from just that it came from the Lord.

We are headed out to minister tonight at the skate rink.


10am How awesome it is to be a child of the king.  Events of the day.

Met Susie @ Walmart Neighborhood Grocery.  We were headed into the store to buy dog food.  The temperature outside is roughly 30 degrees and there is a woman standing outside with her purchases.  As I approach, I ask her if she needs a ride and she says yes, I've called a taxi but have been waiting here for an hour.  I let her know that we would be happy to take her home.  I tell her I'm just going in to get dog food but will be right out and will take her home.  I turn to Daniel and ask him to turn up the seat in the van and help this woman with her packages.  All three kiddos set to work to help Susie with her purchases.  When I come out to the van I see that it is running and the temperature is nice and cozy and Susie is sitting in the front seat.  What a blessing that my kids know what to do and how to handle people.  I'm also glad to see that Daniel started the vehicle and turned on the heat because the poor woman was standing out side in a very light sweater, no coat or jacket.  That will be changed right away.  

We drove her home and all of us help take her things up for her.  She lived in an apartment near us and got our contact information.  I hope she contacts us and that she joins us for the weekly get together's that will start this Saturday.  We were able to pray for her at her door.

12:30 Meet a older woman and her mother, I was meeting them to purchase farm fresh eggs.  We met across from the hospital where the mother was to have testing done that day for something.  The Holy Spirit ministered to the mother and healed her body.  The daughter then asked if I would pray for her husband who has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time.  I cast that devil out, prayed healing and for the body to function normal and know that, that man is fine.


We have found a short-term rental while we acquire property.  We have been so blessed to be able to minister to the people of Eastern OK and Western AR.  Will soon be registering as a Non-Profit in OK and start Happy Healing Home.  

Happy Healing Home is a place for you to come to be set free from whatever holds you in bondage, learn how to keep that freedom and how to set others free.  This life of living in the Spirit is truly Shalom, it is way more than just happy or peace.  At Happy Healing Home you will find true Shalom and the how to live in it.

Come to Happy Healing Home and find the double cure for your life, stay for awhile and learn how to live in it for eternity.

Continue to watch and see what is going on with this ministry.


In the process of seeing if I can't see the camper that we bought that was supposed to be like new.


Made it to beach for much needed R&R. I didn’t realize how much until about the last hour of driving when it felt like my whole body was shutting down. For about the last two hours I was rebuking the attacks on my body in the name of Jesus Christ like crazy.

For those wondering how I am doing. I’m doing pretty good. While sitting this morning I remembered a show I watched years ago about people in high danger situation and what happens to them when they have high levels of adrenaline for a period of time. I don’t know if my levels were anything like theirs but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in the Red Alert zone almost 24/7 for two weeks.

From tornado’s and winds like a hurricane to driving in almost zero visibility for two hours down a mountain pass with a trailer attached to the back of the van and it not having enough weight in it and the slightest dip, rut, pot hole or swerve would cause the trailer to fish tail behind. Truckers running me into cement barriers and road so slick you could slide. All this plus much more...

Well I felt the effects of too much adrenaline. I looked it up online today and sure enough. I understand all the symptoms I was experiencing. Its almost like a person coming off drugs but not exactly.

The nausea and fatigue are still present but much less. I can’t say how much I am blessed by family who love us. I’d like to say that I have the sweet Aunt & Uncle who got us a condo for two weeks. My hearts swells with love and tears flow at how they have touched my heart so. I will cherish every moment of this break.

With all that has taken place my resolve is greater and stronger. I know God has got something awesome for us to do at our future home and lives will be eternally changed. These obstacles will not turn us back from doing what the Lord has called us to do.

We are headed back toward home but will go down to Myrtle Beach, pray and regroup.  

Be in prayer for us and this ministry.

The house hasn't sold yet and I know its only been 3 weeks.

We cannot find an real estate agent willing to show us property in central OK.

Camper broke.

Cost is to high to stay at a hotel until we find a place.

We miss Heavener / Poteau and my mind and heart go back to this first place.  

So many confirmations that we are supposed to be in OK.

What a whirlwind of activity the past two days.

We traveled from Poteau (Le Flore area) to Lincoln area about 3 1/2 hours from one place to the other. The travel day turned out the be an extremely windy day. The gust were like back home when there is a hurricane. WOW incredible. Several times I felt like the wind would blow the van and popup camper off the road.

When we stopped to get gas and lunch later in the day we realized the temperature had dropped a little over 10 degrees but with gale force winds, the wind cut you like a knife.

Once we got to Lincoln county the temperatures were so low that we were going to have to stay at a hotel for the night and put up the popup the next afternoon. (Your not supposed to put up a popup in freezing weather of the canvas / vinyl could crack).

The next day it was still windy but made it up into the high 40's so we found a great camping spot and gathered wood the girls befriended a woman who was cleaning up the campground after an equestrian event and she offered to allow them to use her wheel barrel / cart. When the girls were finish helping gather wood. So many really good bundles were left by the equestrian people before we had a great store.

The girls returned the cart and asked if she needed any help and she was happy to put them to work. She was the organizer of the event and the girls helped clean up after the horses that were now gone throughout the camp. This woman and us were the only ones at the campground.

So after about an hour or so of leaving the lights and fan on in the van the vehicle showed the check engine light, yes I didn't realize while we were there the vehicle was partially left on.

So, while we waited for AAA to come and give us a jump start we decided it had warmed up enough for us to put up the popup camper. Mid 40's but windy.

We went around back to crank up the popup and it cranked up about an inch then we hear a pop sound and not the crank will only spin. Oh the adventures of learning the hard way about campers. The crank was getting ready to go and there were signs which we now know.

But it broke on the inside and needed now to be fixed. So, while we continue to wait for AAA I start calling all the camper repair places around Oklahoma City and find out from them all that the earliest I can get an appointment for them to fix it is Mid December. WHAT! 😮

They are all busy winterizing campers and big rigs for people.

The AAA person finally arrives just short of 2 hours after the call.

Now we hook back up the camper while the engine is running because we don't want to turn off the engine because what if it doesn't start again.

We head to the local hardware store and after battery check and new battery installed.


One of the ladies working at the hardware store tries to help me find a place to rent for a month. No luck. But little did I know that there was a young gal on the other side of this huge circular counter hearing the whole thing and when I go to pay for the battery she starts asking me questions and offers for her husband to fix it, hubby agrees and we are off to their farm / ranch. So, hubby works on it in the dark for a couple of hours. In the meantime we hang out in the dark at the ranch, what fun and the girls get to play with and ride on a pony while Lauren and I talk. Daniel and Tyson, mostly Tyson are fixing the popup. 7pm or so rolls around and and Lauren says you might need to leave it for the night. They were so sweet in asking us to stay while he was working on it.

So, before leaving we all use the restroom. Inside the farmhouse are Lauren's grandparents what a lovely couple. We end up staying until much later than a bathroom break, the grands wanted to visit. Before we left the grandmother was inviting us to park the camper behind the house and that there is a hookup there we can us. I mention that Tyson is fixing it and she says yeah I mean when he is done. You can just stay here. We'd love the visit.

The husband starts talking about leaving the doors unlock and neighbors are always welcome and doing good for others and so forth.

So sweet. They are a Christian family and hope we are able to find something in there area. The grandfather wants Daniel to go hunting with him so Daniel and carry back the deer. They want to take Ruthie fishing.

The next morning which is now. I can't get the family out of my mind and am strongly considering the offer. That have been such a blessing to us and I would love to be a blessing to them.

After praying we decided not to stay with the nice family but headed to the campground once it appear that campers crank was fixed.  When we picked up the camper we tested it twice cranking it up and down then doing it again.  The cranking was harder than usual but we decided it would just need to be looked at by a professional but we could camp in it until we were able to get an appointment.

Once at the camp site we had a good bit of excitement.  We were able to get the camper level relatively easy but the cranking up was even more difficult.  But we got it up and went to put on the door which is a bit of a process but when lowering the door into place it was evident that the camper needed to still be raised more even though the crank felt like it was done.  So, Daniel cranked more and was able to get it up a little more but then we heard a pop and the thing started rolling down.  I hollered for Daniel to stop it, me being inside the camper poised to put in the door so he cranked it back up and everything appeared to be stable when as I was putting on the door the camper popped again and the roof came down pinning my fingers between the ceiling and the metal door.  Great pain and yelling commenced with me wanting Daniel to /put it up right away, with my other hand I pressed up the roof and was able to move it enough with one hand to be able to pull my fingers loose.  Praise the Lord.

The camper is not fixed and is now dangerous, so... We are now headed back south to regroup.



I'm awaken with the Lord giving me a short story. Nip

10/20/18 10-2pm

Yesterday was awesome: Got to share Jesus with several people. Invited to church and we get to serve community Thanksgiving meal (lunch) on Thursday. Full Thanksgiving meal 11-2 in Poteau, OK.

Camper is staying warm, Praise the Lord, it has been colder than expected.

Daniel is getting driving practice while I type this.

We will be heading out Sunday to move to another part of the state. Plan to camp between OKC & Tulsa for at least 2 weeks.


Mountain Experience

Last night the vehicle on the way back from looking at property was illuminated with light, it was coming from all around including from under the van.  I looked around to see what was making the light and saw nothing anywhere.  There wasn't even any other vehicles on the road.

The girls were in the back asleep.  Daniel was in the front but his eyes were closed and he appeared to be communing with God; praying, singing or singing spiritual songs.  I tried to speak to him because I wanted someone else to see but my mouth would not work; no sound would come out.  I said in my being speak LORD.

He then said "this is another form of my glory like Shekhinah glory but not.  This is how I am and this is only a piece of who I am."  Every part of my being was awestruck, overwhelmed and praise with great adoration all at the same time.  I don't think I drove the vehicle for 20 minutes.  But all of a sudden I knew the campsite was just ahead.

During this time the Holy Spirit gave me in words and image the pictures below.  When He spoke I felt so fulfilled / complete.  Complete in Him and it was my joy to do His will.


I can't wait to see the house / property so we can get started.

CLEM Expands - And God gives me the name for the ministry.

Happy Healing Home

Come for deliverance.  Stay to learn how to keep it.

1 week stay strongly encouraged.

6AM Breakfast

6PM Dinner

Lunch you are on your own.  Feel free to make a sandwich with the fixins from the fridge at the back door.

7am & 7pm Daily Life Defense Training